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Choose restaurant order your meal and pay, your order will be ready to pick.


You reached the restaurant! Read the barcode on the table, order and pay without contacting any staff.

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Are you a restaurant owner?
Want to join EasyTake?

If you are the owner of a restaurant and want to reach thousands of users in the EasyTake application, just register your e-mail so that our team can communicate with you and add your menu to EasyTake.

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Are you a delivery captain?
Want to join the EasyTake delivery team?

If you have a car and a valid driver's license and want to join the EasyTake delivery team and make additional income, simply fill out an electronic request for our team to contact you and activate your account with us.

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Application interfaces of EasyTake

The interfaces are simple, easy to use and interactive with the user

Kitchens EasyTake

The EasyTake application contains a variety of oriental and western cuisines that cater to all tastes and desires
You can browse the app and see all kinds of kitchens and foods that you offer to choose the meal you prefer and get you as soon as possible

They said about us

  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Haseeb Khalil

    Excellent app, thanks for your support
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Mohamed Mohamed

    A successful application with many features
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Cabir GANNAM

    A wonderful application and the people in charge of it are very cooperative. Any problem that happens to me with restaurants, they intervene and solve it. I am very grateful for their dealings and for their interest in customer satisfaction, I deserve 5 s
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Noor Al Muhammed

    Great application and excellent services, I advise you to try this application
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Lama Rida

    The application is great, thank you
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image


    God willing, may God bless you with success and lasting success, God willing, customer service 10 stars .............

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